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Swifts are with us just three months each Summer, bringing vital action, drama and excitement to our village, town and city skies.

These amazing birds have shared our buildings ever since the Romans came to Britain. They still breed in our eaves and gables, but not for much longer, as modern and renovated buildings exclude them.

Unless we do something about it, Swifts will vanish from the UK. Find out here all about Swifts, why they matter, and how you can help them thrive.

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On the left - Take-Off!  A Swift leaves its nest box in Denmark at high speed
Nothing flies like a Swift!          
Photo Inger Lund

Architects & Builders
Install some Swift Bricks!  New Build? Click here to see how to use ready-made Swift Brick nest places

Need training?
We provide professional training in practical Urban Biodiversity techniques throughout the UK & Europe -
contact Swift Conservation
 for more details

Need advice?
We provide support throughout the UK & Europe - we can design in Swift and other nestboxes into your plans -
contact Swift Conservation

Using Swift Bricks? Download a list of available types and suppliers

Working with Swifts? Follow these rules
 1.  Leave existing nest places undisturbed
 2.  If re-roofing, make new nest access holes to match the
      old ones exactly  
 3.  New build - internal nest spaces are the best
 4.  If you cannot do "3 " above, fit external nest boxes

Seen a crime against wild birds?
Click here to contact the RSPB's legal team Use this link to contact the RSPB's legal team
Installing Swift Nest Boxes? See our Shopping Page or...
D-I-Y Swift nest box  Click on the Swift to download a DIY Swift nest box pattern 

The Cambridge International Swift Conference
held on 8
th to 10th April was a stunning success!
Click here to book a talk or presentation Click on the Swift to see the post- Conference news

Our next public talks & shows:

16 May - Sussex Ornithological Society at Lewes 7.00pm
22 May - University of Stirling, Scotland 7.00pm
16 June - Bradford on Avon Swift Group, 7.00pm
21 June - Stoke Newington East Reservoir, 5.00pm includes a Swift watching walk (weather permitting)

Click here to book a talk or presentation  Click on the Swift to e-mail us with enquiries about talks

Swift Surveys - your help is needed
RSPB Swift Nest Site SurveyAdd your sightings to the RSPB's Swift Survey, which is generating valuable information on Swift distribution  - click on the logo to participate


     Please help us help Swifts!

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