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Join a successful working group helping Swifts near you

Check below and see if there is a Swift group near you;  they can help you in setting up a Swift colony or persuading your local government, church or school, or housing estate, to help Swifts, as well as in studying Swifts, and you can help them too!

Some of these groups have been running for years, and have an amazingly successful track record; others have just started up. All have access to the latest information. Regardless of region, they should be happy to give you advice and contacts.

Click on any green Swift logo to contact a member of the group - some groups have their own websites  - these are underlined
Click here to contact the UK Swifts Local Network organisers by e-mail
Click here to download the UK Swifts Local Network contact list

  Below: Swifts have been studied since at least Pliny's times; here is Ferdinand Frisch's 18th Century etching of a Swift & a House Martin. Some Swift Groups can help you help House Martins too!   Further below: two young Swifts in a DIY nestbox
"Vorstellung der Vögel Deutschlandes und beylaüfig auch einiger Fremden" 1763 : Copyright © Ulrich Tigges

Swift Groups by Town, Region, County and Country

Action for Swifts - East Anglia
Bradford on Avon Swift Group
Brighton Swift Group
Bristol Swifts Group
Brussels Swift Group
Brockley (S'th London) Swift Group
Burton in Kendal (Cumbria)
Cherwell (Oxfordshire) Swift Group
Cumbria: Sedbergh & District
Cumbria (West) Swift Group
Dublin Swift Group
Frankfurt Swift Group
Fulbourn (Cambs) Swift Group 
Glamorgan Swift Group

Hampshire Swifts
Hannover Swift Group 
Henley on Thames
Les Martinets d'Amboise
Les Martinets de Toulon
Ludlow  & Shropshire Swift Groups
Maidenhead, Marlow & Cookham
Milton Keynes Swift Group
Northern Ireland Swift Group
Oswestry (Shropshire) Swift Project
South Cumbria Swifts 
Swanage (Dorset) Swifts
Tayside Swift Group
Trieste Swift Group
click on a Name or Swift to e-mail

Usa questo link per trovare il vostro Gruppo Rondoni più vicino in Italia




Above: Three ways to house Swifts: clear straightforward designs by Action for Swifts for use by roofers and builders; they can help you too with designs for your Swift project  Copyright © Dick Newell

Below: Designed for the site; Swift nest boxes for individual sites designed by (left) Mike Osborne & (centre & right) Dick Newell of Action for Swifts here shown with a box at Worlington Church  Copyright © Mike Osborne & Dick Newell


Setting up a new Swift Group

If you would like your Swift group listed on our web site, let us know via this e-mail link new-swift-group-contact and we will be in touch with you!

Below: Swift nest box system designed by Swift Conservation for the Fulbourne Village Project, Cambs, twin nestboxes made from an old Claret crate, and twin Swift nest places created inside a restored gutter box by the Brussels Swift Group  Copyright © Dick Newell, Edward Mayer and Martine Wauters




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