London's Swifts Biodiversity Action Plans
The Built Environment - suggested Actions and Targets

A draft Biodiversity Action Plan helping to ensure Swifts' place in the Urban Environment. Local Government staff are welcome to use this draft or to seek further advice from Swift Conservation on how to adapt it and tailor it for their own use.


Target & Time-scale

Crucial - Arrange for Council Planning department staff to liaise with Council Environmental staff whenever any pre-1944 building is to be re-roofed so that Swift nesting may be identified and steps taken in good time to protect them as required by law.

Crucial - To ensure no further loss of Swift nests and colonies within the Borough - Set up within one year.

Establish criteria with Council Planners and property owners to identify, maintain, and improve existing nesting sites for Swifts.

All existing colonies of Swifts in the Borough to be preserved and if possible, enhanced. Set up within one to five years

Create with Council Planners a "Planning Gain" policy that views the correct siting of Swift nest-boxes and nest-places as a positive benefit within the planning process.

Ensure that planning permission process takes into account imaginative and beneficial schemes to encourage Swifts within the Built Environment. Set up within one year.

Survey modern Council and Housing Association-owned high rise properties for their suitability for Swift nesting. Establish nest boxes in safe areas on these sites and arrange monitoring.

Support Swift populations to achieve realistic densities (consult Swift Conservation re likely population gain). Set up within one to three years.

Work with schools to set up migration and breeding studies of local Swift populations; when established link to studies of UK breeding Swifts in their Sub Saharan wintering areas establish mutually beneficial relations with East and South African schools, teachers and pupils. Set up visits if funding available from central government/private sponsors.

To produce good quality research into Swift populations dynamics within London. (Consult Swift Conservation / BTO on methods and statistical models to be used.) Continuous within curriculum constraints - and set up within one year.

Work with Volunteer Groups and local HM Prisons woodworking facilities to produce nest-boxes for Council use at all appropriate sites.

To supply low-cost high quality nest-boxes to the Council; to interest, motivate and enthuse local residents and prisoners in the built environment project, and to establish skills in product-making. Continuous  - set up within one year.

Establish a Green Council Web-site with all the information relevant to this initiative in easy-to-access and attractive form. Results of the policies should be highlighted and frequently updated to give a dynamic quality to the site. Site should have pages where useful sightings and observations could be inserted by council residents. CCTV feeds from live nest cameras should be relayed to the site.

To enable all those interested to view and participate in the Council's actions and achievements, and to gain useful and accurate information on the policies, their operation and their benefits.

Set up within one year - update at least every month thereafter.

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