London's Swifts Credits & Important Note

Photographs Ulrich Tigges & Erich Kaiser

Photographs, video and sound are courtesy of

Louis-Philippe Arnhem - SMS Worldwide
Jorge Sanz - Alcudia Swift Campaign
Anne Youngman - the Bat Conservation Trust
Bill Ball - Lincoln England
Jake Campbell - Grenoble, France
Dr Ken Perry - BTO Coleraine
Derek Brown - Derek Brown Photography
London Borough of Camden
Ulrich Tigges - Berlin
Clare Darlaston - Concern for Swifts Scotland
Helen Perkins - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Julian Dowding
Bram Vogels
Oriana Ferrandino - Ascoli Piceno Italy
Mauro Ferri - CISNIAR Italy
Raymond Fulton - NHS Northern Ireland
Mark Glanville - Bristol Swifts
Marc Guyt - AGAMI Photo Agency
Darz Mol & Inger Lund

Tim Webb - RSPB London Office
Graham Catley -
Martin Grund - Swift Schools in Bavaria
Richard Aumonier - Sculptor
Terry Simms - Tarifa Swift Photos
Erich Kaiser - Kronberg Swift Colony
Arthur Leidgren - Sweden
Tom Lindroos - Finland
Margers Martinsons
Seyed Babak Musavi
Dick Newell - Action for Swifts
Jonathan Pomroy - Wildlife Artist
Richard Thaxton - RSPB Scotland
Hans Willemsen - Haarlem, Holland
Graham Roberts - West Sussex CC/SOS
Amanda Ferguson - Zoological Society of London
Alan Wadsworth - Cambridge Bird Club
Willi Bernbeck & Matthias Schmidt
Dave McGough

Swift Conservation gratefully acknowledges help from

AGAMI Photo Agency
British Trust for Ornithology
London Borough of Camden Berlin
London Borough of Croydon
Derek Brown Photography
The City of Edinburgh Council
Martin Grund - Swifts & Schools
Jan Holmgren

Erich Kaiser - Kronberg Swift Colony
The late Chris Mead
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Oxley Conservation
Jorge Sanz - Alcudia Swift Campaign
Michael Shemilt - Century Galleries
London Borough of Southwark
Sussex Ornithological Society
West Sussex County Council
Zoological Society of London

Please note the following carefully

Swift Conservation ( seeks to protect the Swift population by providing advice and assistance on maintaining and establishing Swift nest places. We take great care to keep up to date with research and information concerning Swifts and their conservation. The advice we provide is focused on the survival and welfare of the Swifts.

It is for the recipient of our advice to ensure that what is suggested is acceptable to and compatible with all their requirements, including those of any building project and of the freeholder and/or their lease, and also that it complies with health and safety requirements and any other legislation or any other aspects or concerns relevant to them, their site and its operation. It must be ensured that no liabilities will arise from its implementation.

Swifts are wild creatures and their populations fluctuate continually as a result of both natural and man-made factors. Their choice and use of any nesting site can never be assumed and so we cannot accept any responsibility if Swifts fail to nest.

Certain links and information on this web site are provided by other organisations and commercial concerns over which Swift Conservation ( has no control and while we have made reasonable efforts to ensure that the service or information provided via the link is bona fide we cannot accept any responsibility for these services.

Swift Conservation ( and Edward Mayer exclude to the fullest extent of the law any and all liabilities arising directly or indirectly from using this web site and any information available from it and/or otherwise supplied.

Please also note that the
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