Who we are & What we do

Our Services - Swift Conservation is a "not for profit" service providing free advice to individuals via this website, by e-mail and on site. In addition we provide a commercial service to architects and building professionals. We can advise on how to design in Swift (and other bird and bat) nest places into buildings, improve biodiversity with cost-effective features, and meet local Planning requirements in this field. Please contact us for more information; references are available.

Talks & Lectures - We give talks about Swifts and their place in our world to local government, property companies and developers, conservation organisations, clubs, societies and heritage bodies.

Who we work with - We work with local authorities, government, NGO's and environmental organisations, as well as architects, property owners and developers and concerned individuals, to provide a place for Swifts.

Site Visits & Design Service - We visit sites and advise on the potential for retaining, augmenting or introducing Swift colonies, and we also recommend and design nestplaces for a very wide variety of locations.

Training - We provide training in how to accommodate Swifts and attract them to breed, and also in Urban Biodoversity support..

Enquiries - If you have an enquiry, please send us a message - use the links below.

Photographs Ulrich Tigges & Marc Guyt / www.agami.nl


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