Internal Nest Trays and Boxes

For use behind louvres or openings in church towers
and spires, in tall buildings, high walls and cupolas


The story behind this exciting project goes like this; the Conservation Architect working on the restoration of this 19th Century church found long dead Swifts inside the tower. They had come in through the apertures, got lost, could not find their way out, and had died. They had certainly been searching for nest places. He had the brilliant idea of fitting Swift nest boxes behind some of the apertures, whilst fitting grilles to the others, so Swifts could breed in safety and none could enter the tower itself, nor could feral pigeons either.

Photographs Oxley Conservation

Swift Boxes for Church Towers

On the left is a photograph of the Church of the Sacred Heart in Reading, Berkshire; below are photographs of the exterior of the tower, showing ventilation openings and two Swift nest boxes mounted behind the lower holes, and on the right, a view of four Swift nest boxes mounted inside the tower on a simple wooden frame. A total of 24 boxes were fitted to three of the interior walls of the tower, leaving ample open apertures to assure good ventilation.

These nest boxes are made from
recycled plastic sheet, will not rot, are weatherproof, and should have an extremely long life. They were made to measure and delivered to the site by Filchris Ltd.

There are contact details for Filchris on our "Shopping" pages.


The Bethlehem Church in Hannover, Germany, where volunteers made and installed Swift nest boxes behind ventilation holes.

Photographs R Shultz / Nabu Hannover



On the left is a photo of Swift internal nest trays fitted behind a louvred window. A couple of louvres have been removed on the right side to show the trays more clearly. Other trays can just be seen behind the louvres on the left hand side of the window.

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