Swift Nestboxes, Attraction Calls, CCTV & Artworks

Please check all prices with suppliers before ordering as we find it very hard to keep up to date!

Use this page to locate attraction calls, artworks, and instruction materials as well as a wide range of nest boxes and nest bricks for setting up Swift colonies.  
Using the Swift calls CD / MP3 will greatly increase your chance of getting a colony going. Please note, while we have experience of some of the products featured, and have found them to be of good quality, we have yet to try out others, so you need to assure yourself that they are going to do the job you want.

Swift Conservation's Swift Calls CD

Our Calls CD + Instructions

Swift Conservation's Swift Calls CD

Help Swift Conservation -
every CD & MP3 sold keeps us going!

"Thanks! 15 minutes after I started playing the calls, I had 3 Swifts flying around my 4 new nests! Wow!"  Peter Bilgrav Sųrensen

These calls of nesting Swifts Apus apus recorded at Ulrich Tigges' Berlin Swift Colony should bring in Swifts to check out your nest places. Included are the "upper tones" emitted at 12-13 kHz. The CD runs for about an hour.

"The Swift calls CD which we used 2 years ago has worked a treat. Last year the Swifts established their nest-territory; this year they took up residence in earnest. Thank you!" 

Apologies! Sales have had to be suspended until 18th June 2024
Please return and place your order on or after that date

Swift Calls in MP3 format

"I thought that you would like to know that Swifts arrived on the
first use of the call file
Charles Whitbread

For a tried and tested Swift Calls recording to use
with MP3 players and SD card players / amplifiers

N.B. if playing on a mobile phone then download the
free App "Loop Player" to play the calls continuously

Apologies! Sales have had to be suspended until 18th June 2024
Please return and place your order on or after that date
Swift Badges

Beautiful high-quality enamel and silver-plate badges, designed by Jonathan Pomroy, the famous wildlife artist, for Swift Conservation, and suitable for any Swift enthusiast or group - no branding nor logos

Size: 20mm x 20mm - fastened to clothing via a pin on the back

Sold in multiples of 10 inc. postage & packing - starting at £18 for 10, £36 for 20

E-mail us HERE and say how many badges you need, and provide us with your address. Then pay us via the Donations Link on our Home Page, bottom left. When we receive your payment we will send off the badges to you.
Swift Badges
Swift Art Book - Beautiful!


"On Crescent Wings - a portrait of the Swift"
by Jonathan Pomroy, wildlife artist
£22.50 inc. P & P   Buy via
this link

Launched at the 2018 Bird Fair, Jonathan Pomroy's gorgeous book is just brilliant. It features his beautiful, evocative sketches of Swifts in the air and in the nest, made over the last 15 years.

Jonathan was one of the first people I met when I started studying Swifts all those years ago; his friendship, advice and his superb images have all provided invaluable help and inspiration.

This book is a real treat! Buy it and revel in it!
First published in 1956

Swifts in a Tower
Maybe the best book ever about Swifts!

First published in 1956, and long since out of print, this famous, almost mythical book has been republished to bring the original work,
now augmented with new information, into the hands of the thousands of new Swift enthusiasts all over the UK, Europe and beyond, to give them an excellent knowledge of Swifts and how they live and breed.

Buy direct from the publisher for only £11.25
Click on the link, or order from your local book shop.

Unicorn Publishing Group - Swifts in a Tower    tel: 01273 812066

Swift by Lorna Hill

A lovely little book for children of all ages that tells an epic story of a small bird's courage.

What a good way to learn about Swifts from a very early age, setting one up for life!

A brilliant gift for any time of year or event, like a party, a picnic or a holiday.

Click on the link to buy here

Paperback £6-50    Hardback £11-95

The Wind Rippers


In his 94 page, self-published paperback book, Swift enthusiast Martin Garwood has brought together his own stunning photographs, text and old illustrations to celebrate his favourite bird.  Richly illustrated, the limited edition book explores human encounters with Swifts through a variety of written sources from Gilbert White to Tim Dee.

The recently revised book measures 235 x 170 mm and is available directly from Martin at £12.25 including post and packing to UK addresses. Contact Martin by e-mail here or text to 07963 782529.

A proportion of all sales money goes towards Swift conservation work.

Habitat Creation and Management for Pollinators

by Marek Nowakowski and Richard Pywell

Wildlife Farming Company & the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

ISBN 978-1-906698-57-7

This excellent little book tells you all you need to know about how to get insects back into your fields, gardens and parks.

Aimed at farmers and those managing farmed landscapes, the information it holds can be used in many other locations too, making them richer and more supportive of our essential pollinators, primarily insects, now under so much adverse pressure from the chemicals used in modern farming.

Remember; Swifts eat only flying insects, and now they need you to help produce those flying insects for them. This book will help you to do that!

Swift Artworks


Swifts and Swallows by Alison Ingram
shown flying over the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire

Limited Edition Giclee Prints from the original oil painting

"Her unique interpretations of wildlife use bold colour and design to create movement and drama"

Large print on paper - image 20" x 10" Edition of 350  £125.00
Small print on paper - image 12" x 6"   Edition of 350  £45.00

All prints are signed and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity

Order your print by clicking

Please mention Swift Conservation in the "Note to Seller" box when you make your order as
a donation will be made to Swift Conservation for each sale via our website

Swift Artworks & More


Swift paintings, prints, cards, keyrings & more from Cally Smith's ColourworxsArt on-line art shop

Offering a nice choice of images, prints, watercolours and more -  go to this link to see them and make a purchase - previous customers have left excellent reviews

Cally runs the Huntley Swift Group in East Scotland, so it's all in a good cause!

Nick Upton's Swift Pics

A selection of fine Swift works by Nick Upton and other photographers and artists is available at

Click here to contact their website

Note - most items are despatched from the UK but some come from the USA and extra transport costs and Customs duties may apply
Nick Upton
The Devil Birds DVD

Winnner of the Special Recognition Award
World Wildlife Film Festival 1982

Derek Bromhall's famous film on Swifts on DVD Just £10! Supplied by Gillian Westray - Swift Rehabilitator

This iconic study of the world famous Oxford Natural History Museum’s Swift colony was filmed using pioneering techniques. These observations of the hidden lifestyle of this amazing bird remain unrivalled.

Providing valuable insight that’s greatly needed to help further their conservation, this re-mastered DVD version is being sold to both fascinate and educate.

£10 each - any profits will be used for Swift rehabilitation

 French-language version now available £12 + postage

To e-mail an order click on this Swift  Click to Order this DVD!  Remember to add your address! 

Designing for Biodiversity
RIBA Publishing - Bat Conservation Trust

Second Edition: A technical guide for new and existing buildings
Kelly Gunnell, Brian Murphy and Dr Carol Williams

ISBN 9781859464915

Practical authoritative guidance and professional architects' drawings form the basis of this fully revised and invaluable work on how to accommodate the essential co-domestic species, Swifts included, in new buildings. In today's environment no architect or developer can afford to be without a copy.

Order your copy from Routledge either as a paperback or an e-book

Click here Click to Order this Book!

Action for Swifts uPVC nest box

Unpainted: £27.50 + Shipping  Painted £29.50 + Shipping

Although it is preferable to install integral "Swift Brick" type nest places, because they are more secure, longer lasting and thermally stable, there are occasions where this is not an option and so external nest boxes are appropriate.

External nest boxes are often made of wood, and if exposed to the weather are prone to deteriorate. Swifts are long-lived birds, so their nest place needs to last at least for the lifetime of the bird, and if possible for many generations beyond that.

External nest boxes are readily accepted by Swifts.

uPVC's rigid, lightweight nature and durable waterproof properties make it ideal for nest boxes.

Unlike PVC, uPVC contains no plasticisers, nor environmentally harmful chemicals such as phthalates or BPA, and it is recyclable.

Contact for purchases: Action for Swifts
(Just click on the name)

John Stimpson's
     Low-cost Swift Nestboxes

Low cost UK-made plywood Swift Nest Boxes
Over 30,000 have been sold!
Two models available:
All-Plywood Zeist pattern about £20.00 plus p&p
UPVC/Plywood Heat and Rain resistant Model 30 about £20.00 plus p&p

John Stimpson makes proven (see photo on the left with a Swift chick visible in the box) plywood nestboxes for use under eaves and on walls.

He supplies two models: one for under eaves (illustrated left in use) and one with an angled waterproof insulated heat-resistant white upvc roof for use on open walls, supplied fully assembled.

The entry hole size should exclude Starlings.

All nest boxes include an MDF nest form (lower right) - this simple device has been shown to speed take-up time by nesting Swifts by a year! nest form

Both models of nest boxes are obtainable from

John Stimpson on 01353 740451
or by e-mail (
click here )

The RSPB's    rspb icon 1
     solid wood Swift Nestbox


UK-made wood Swift Nestbox
£45.00 + p&p

This solid wood nest box for use directly under eaves can be purchased from the RSPB's
online shop  and by calling 0345 034 7733

Width 46 cm  Depth 18 cm  Height 19.5 cm

This Swift nest box is made from FSC certified softwood, and is a unique design for the RSPB.
The entry hole measures 65 mm x 29 mm and is set at one end of the nest box.
The easy-access panel on the front makes maintenance simple. Fixing screws not included.


UK made GRP moulded Swift Nest Boxes

Rot-proof nest boxes guaranteed for 50 years use
Can be made in a wide range of RAL colours to match buildings

Impeckable specialise in exporting (last year they supplied 330 triple nestboxes to SEO- the Spanish Birdlife Partner for a major project in Madrid)  -  please enquire if you are in the EU or elsewhere for the export prices

Colony box sizes and their prices:

1 single nest box as shown £72 inc Carriage
Double nest box £122 inc Carriage
Quadruple nest box as shown £208 inc Carriage
Sun Canopy for Quad nest box as shown - price please enquire
Sextuple nest box £ please enquire
Octuple nest box £ please enquire
Apex Gable End Nest Box with 6 nest places as shown £302 inc Carriage
(93cm wide at base & 53cm from base to apex, 20cm deep, weight 9K)

Special Hot Climate Swift nestboxes are also available - please enquire

Despatch time 21 days maximum
20% Deposit required, balance on collection or before delivery
Enquiries as below:

Telephone  0755 438 5878
Len Haworth, 25 High Street, Brymbo, Wrexham, North Wales, LL11 5BL, UK

Download the Factsheet here: Back to Contents

Material = 3 layers of 600gram/m2 chop strand mat saturated in polyester resin. Each nesting apartment dimensions = 300mm l; 200mm w; 200mm h.

One elliptical nesting tray per apartment; 210mm x 165mm exterior size and 145mm x 100mm interior size with 75 degree sloping sides

Elliptical entrance hole dimensions 60mm x 30mm

Canopies (illustrated below with box) are available for hot or stormy situations - a canopy provides not just extra protection but shelter for invertebrates, lizards, geckos and maybe bats & small birds too

grp nestbox protective canopy

GRP Kent

flat pack boxes - easily assembled

made from recycled compressed foam insulation board which does not rot expand nor warp and has a 25 year life - can be assembled without tools by children

Boxes are shipped flatpack in a double wall recycled cardboard box
Each comes with an assembly manual  -  Link to habi-sabi web site


Double nest place Swift nest box
An innovative design, the base plate is reversible, so you may fit the entrance holes outward or wall facing. Each entrance hole  is 65 x 32mm.

This box, like the ones below, is lightweight & designed to be fixed directly to an exterior wall

Quick to assemble– can be built in 20 minutes without fixings
No tools needed - Built with your hands and sandpaper

73cm long x 22cm wide x 24cm deep with two chambers for nesting

Weighs 5kg        Link to habi-sabi web site

N.B. We suggest you seal all joints and lugs on habi-sabi boxes with exterior-type "Gripfill" adhesive when assembling to assure the box stays fully weather-proof in exposed locations and foul weather

As well as their Swift boxes, habi-sabi also make a range of boxes for other bird species, hedgehogs, bees and bats - contact them for prices
and other details by clicking here or calling  020 3355 1205 (mentioning Swift Conservation, please)


Single nest place Swift Box
A basic one-nest place Swift nest box, the smallest & lightest in our range

Easy to assemble and fit – can be built in 8 minutes without fixings
Hand assembled - no tools needed - just a little sandpaper
Lightweight & designed to be hung from an exterior wall

Long lasting materialwith a 25  year life : 21cm high x 41cm wide x24cm deep with a nesting chamber 9 - 14cm high x 32cm wide x 14cm deep

Weighs 3kg        Link to habi-sabi web site


Day and Night Box for Swifts & Bats
A clever design, a box to host Swifts in the Summer and provide shelter for bats all year round, recently installed at ZSL's Regents Park Zoo

The nesting chamber provides space for Swifts to raise their young and a double rear panel creates an ideal space for roosting small bats

Easy to assemble and fit – can be built in 8 minutes with no nails or screws
Hand assembled - no tools needed - just sandpaper
Lightweight & designed to be hung from an exterior wall

28cm high x 41cm wide x 25 com deep with a nesting chamber 9 to 14cm high x 32cm wide x 14cm deep

Weighs 3.2 kg       Link to habi-sabi web site

Garden Nature White Logo

This camera-ready box costs £59.95 including VAT
GN Cedar Swift Box (camera ready)

Gardenature Ltd

801 Fowler Road, Oakwood Business Park North, Clacton on Sea, Essex CO15 4AA

Phone: 01255 514451  e-mail

Mention Swift Conservation when you order for a 10% discount!

You need to quote Discount Code SCO-03-12 when placing your order

Long-lasting wooden Swift Nest Boxes
made from 21mm Redwood Cedar & Marine Plywood
Entrance hole: 55 x 32mm. Box measurements Length: 460mm Depth: 180mm Width: 180mm. The front panel can be completely removed for easy access, the roof has a slight incline to quickly disperse water and there are two drain holes in the nestbox floor.
This camera-ready (install your own cctv camera) nest  box costs £59.95 including VAT

High Resolution B&W, Audio and Night Vision CCTV Camera can be installed in this box Please let Gardenature know if you wish to order the box with a built in camera system, both wired and radio-linked types are available

Swift Box with wired camera:

Swift Box with Wireless camera:

See the new special Internet data-streaming camera here - a highly-sophisticated type with many useful  features ideal for streaming live video and audio at high definition while working in very low light levels

Please follow this link to see the 13 different Swift boxes that Gardenature offer

Schwegler Swift nestboxes are also supplied - ask for details and prices

Gardenature Ltd. will make Swift boxes to your requirements - ask for details


Ibstock Swift Brick in Antrim Library

Designed by a famous Swift expert, and costing about £60-00 these well-proven Swift Bricks are in use by Swifts at the Public Library in Antrim

A neat proven and easy to fit UK-made Swift Nest Brick - "Eco Habitat for Swifts"

A discrete and attractive nest brick ideal for new and restored buildings
under eaves or in high walls
Available in smooth red, blue & cream
Size 326mm x 140mm x 140mm

Product: Swift Box, Red, Blue or Cream
Made to order - takes 10 to 14 days
sales 0844 736 0350
design advice 0844 800 4576
technical services 0844 800 4577
literature and samples 0844 800 4578

Ibstock Specials Dept, Leicester Road, Ibstock, LE67 6HS

Action for Swifts

The "S" Brick

Simple and proven, (see photo below) this nest brick encourages Swifts and House Sparrows to nest in brick and rendered cavity walls; it can be made to different brick sizes, cavity widths and brick facings; it includes a built-in nest form and it is available in left and right hand entrance versions.

N.B. Also available now in sheet steel for fireproof applications

S Brick 3

For full details:
Web: Click here for more "S" Brick Information
Downloadable brochure click here
S Brick 1
The version of the "S" Brick for brick walls

Revolutionary, light-weight, aesthetically attractive new Swift brick that replaces a single brick and can be laid easily and quickly by any bricklayer, it comprises a laser-cut PVC foamboard nest chamber and a brick slip front and is one of the simplest and lightest nest bricks on the market

S Brick 2

S Brick 4
The version of the "S" Brick for rendered walls

Very popular in Eire - orders welcomed from UK

Made from weather-resistant Magnesium Oxide Wall Board - non-toxic and fire-resistant & painted with heat-resistant paint
to lessen solar gain & to keep the nest places cooler

Swift call systems both mains and solar powered are also available!

Contact the company for latest prices, models and delivery details - see contact information opposite and below


All boxes have an outside measurement of 150 x 150 mm square
They come in lengths of 300mm (single) 600mm (double) and 900mm (triple)
"Specials" can be made to fit most situations - Prices £45 to £115 ex.VAT

Genesis Nest Boxes, Killarney, Eire, V93PKW8
Mobile: +353 86 108 7266
and UK agents WILDCARE
0044 (0)1451 833 181


Integral Swift Bricks

for Swifts and other birds too


Above: a Bird Brick Houses Swift brick is shown on its own, and inserted into the eaves
of a building, where it is exceptionally discreet - below a Swift box (in another brick colour)
prior to fitting


Essentially a moulded plastic box that is faced with brick and inserted into a wall. During manufacture sl
ips of matching brick are bonded to the front plate, enabling the box to blend in with the host wall.

The model on the left is designed specifically for Swifts. O
ther box designs are available, housing small to medium sized birds (including Alpine Swift for European users) and most of the UK’s bat species.

The Bird Brick House fits into the outside skin of most 75mm brickwork courses and only protrudes 25mm (Swift box or 65mm) into the cavity. At the bottom there are two drainage holes that allow moisture to drain into the wall cavity.

Bird Brick Houses, Willow Cottage, Harebeating Lane,
Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 1EP
Mobile : 07415 067051  Land line: 01323 849322
e-mail :
Web site:  

Suppliers of
Schwegler Swift Nest Boxes & Swift Bricks
& other types too

Schwegler's Concise Catalogue Access the concise Schwegler catalogue here

NHBS CatalogueDownload the NHBS Trade Catalogue here

NHBS    Phone - +44 1803 865913 
mail        NHBS, Ltd 1-6 The Stables, Ford Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5LE UK

The Schwegler Swift Brick 

Concrete Swift Brick (No 25)

Ideal for new-build sites, also useful for replacing lost nest-places in existing buildings, they are fitted into brick, stone or block-work walls, and may be painted to match the wall or faced with plaster or pebble dash to match the existing finish.

265mm wide x 220mm deep x 180mm high £POA 

Lightweight Swift Box Type 1A

The lightweight nesting box is ideal for inclusion in insulation systems on exterior walls. The protruding, righ-shaped entrance enables the box to be easily installed flush with the wall surface, leaving only the entrance visible within the plastered wall finish.

The design makes nest-checking easier for the birds, even if the external wall presents a smooth surface, as they can cling to the exposed lip. No aperture for cleaning is provided  because this is not necessary if the box is occupied by Swifts.

Features:  No cleaning required - Ideal for Swifts - Constructed with breathable Woodcrete™- Backed by a 25 year guarantee

Dimensions: W 340mm x H 135mm x D 150mm (plus 17mm for the protruding entrance ring)

Weight: 2.7kg approx.

Schwegler Model 604 front 

Schwegler Model 604 interiorDelta Box (No 604)

Designed for use inside eaves, on parapets or balconies, anywhere it will be undisturbed. Can be fitted internally with an anti-Starling entrance tunnel. £POA

Schwegler Double Chamber Nestbox 

Single & Double Louvre boxes (Nos 16 & 1MF)

Designed to mimic bell-tower louvres, these are for fixing on or within exterior walls, towers and spires.
Single: 240mm high x 430mm wide x 225mm deep £POA
Double: 460mm high x 430mm wide x 225mm deep £POA

The photo shows the Double Chamber version model 1MF in use on Camden Town Hall at King's Cross.

 Schwegler Eaves Boxes

Eaves Nest Boxes (Nos 17 & 18)

For fitting beneath eaves on domestic houses or any building with sufficiently high and wide eaves
No 17 (on the left) 152mm high x 340mm wide x 150mm deep £POA
No 18 (on the right) 210mm high x 552mm wide x 210mm deep £POA

The photo shows six Swift nest boxes in place on the Bugs House at London Zoo, Regent's Park.

Peak Boxes

A range of Swift Nest Boxes made from Duraply
Prices from £28 - £84 for single to quadruple boxes (plus p&p)

Single and double eaves boxes and single, double and quadruple corner boxes. They are made from Duraply, fungi and insect resistant. The finishes are water based, and can be stained or painted to match or complement exterior decor. The boxes come with landing strips with black interiors and integral nest cups pre-lined with feathers. The boxes are secured to the wall using an easy fixing plate.


Single / Double Boxes - These boxes are for mounting on the face of a building, as close under the eaves as possible.  Available in single or double sizes.


Single / Double / Quadruple Corner Boxes available in a range of sizes and designed to fit on the left or right hand corner of buildings.  Specify which orientation / corner of the building you need the box for, as this dictates the side the doors are fitted on.
Web Site, Orders & Enquiries

Nest Box CCTV Systems from

"Spy Camera CCTV"

Most “off-the-shelf” cameras for night viewing emit infrared in a frequency that Swifts can see. N.B. If you can see red light from the emitters so can the Swifts. This visible spectrum alters behavior – even to the point of chasing them out of nestplaces. The key is to use IR lights that emit at 940nm.

                                 cctv kit

Spy Camera CCTV
0117 325 2470
Open 24 Seven Limited
Unit 3 Netham View Industrial Park
Netham Road

Visit the link above to see a good selection of cameras and associated equipment designed for use in bird nest boxes - the web site holds a lot of useful information and
you can phone them for more.

Check Voucher Codes online for the possibility of discounts.

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