Biodiversity & Town Planning

Biodiversity Improvement

Swift Conservation can improve the biodiversity of your projects. As well as helping you design in features for Swifts, we can advise on adding features for beneficial insects, bats, small insectivorous birds like Wagtails and Black Redstarts, House Martins and Swallows, as well as seed-eaters like Finches.

Planning the Built Environment for Swifts

We provide advice to local authorities seeking to retain or augment Swift populations in their buildings. If you need help with saving Swift nestplaces in old buildings, or getting new ones designed into new or refurbished buildings, ask us; we can help.

Swift Conservation can also advise on Biodiversity Policies and Action Plans (BAP's). See below for a free sample BAP, and examples of Action Plans.

Photographs © Ulrich Tigges

Sample BAP Click here to see a sample Biodiversity Action Plan which you may copy

The Biodiverse Building Click here to see how to turn an ordinary building into a potential wildlife haven

London's Swift Action Plan Click here to download the London Biodiversity Partnership's Swifts Statement / Action Plan*

Edinburgh's Swift Action Plan Click here to download Edinburgh's "Swifts & Development - Information for Developers" notes*

*These are PDF files. You will need the Adobe® Reader™ to open them. Download it here Adobe Reader

Need Advice? Need advice? For more information contact Swift Conservation

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