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Choosing & Installing Swift Nest Boxes "We Are Swifts!" Lovely little coloured booklet for Children - all they need to know to get them helping Swifts

Choosing & Installing Swift Nest Boxes Swift Nest Boxes at Your Home - straightforward advice on setting up a colony 

Swift Survey Techniques How to Survey for Swifts - simple advice on locating and counting Swift colonies and using the information

Swift Survey Techniques The Universal Swift Brick - ideal choice for supporting Swift, Sparrows and other small hole-nesting birds

How to Make your Eco Home even more Eco Friendly Installing Swift Nest Bricks - Installation & Suppliers: how to do it, what's available, where to buy it

Roof Repairs & Re-Roofing with Swifts Roof & Gable Repairs & Re-Roofing with Swifts - how to repair or renew your roof without harming your Swifts

How to Make your Eco Home even more Eco Friendly Creating Swift Nest Places in Soffits and Eaves

Information for Homeowners Information for Homeowners - general advice on how you can help Swifts

Swift nest box entrance hole choices Advice on choosing a hole type and size for your D - I - Y Swift nest box, soffit or gable colony

Thermal Insulation & Swifts Thermal Insulation & the Protection of building-dependent Bird and Bat species

How to Make your Eco Home even more Eco Friendly How to make your Eco Home even more Eco Friendly - article from The Responsible Business Directory

How to Make your Eco Home even more Eco Friendly Ringing Swifts - Guidance for fitting rings to the Common Swift

Swift Call Instructions Swift Calls Instructions - use the CD / MP3 records on our "Shopping!" page to attract Swifts to new nestplaces

Buying & Setting up a Swift Call system Buying & Setting up a Swift Call system

Cheng Sheng amplifier instructions Swift Calls - Cheng Sheng Amplifier instructions

SNH Swift Best Practice NoteScottish Natural Heritage's Swift Best Practice Note for Planners, Builders, Architects & Community Groups

Protezione delle Specie di Ucelli e Pipistrelli che Vivono in Edifici Sottoposti a Riqualificazione, Restuaro e Ristrutturazione

Contact Swift Conservation Need advice? For more information contact Swift Conservation

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